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District Grinch


Every TEAHCER down in Whoville Liked TEACHING a lot… 

But the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville, Did NOT! 

The Grinch scorned TEACHERS! The whole TEACHING season! 



Now, please don’t ask why. I don’t quite know the reason. 

It could be my head wasn’t screwed on just right. 

It could be, perhaps, that my shoes were too tight. 

But I think that the most likely reason of all, 

May have been that my heart was two sizes too small. 

Whatever the reason, my heart or my shoes, 

I stood there AT THE MEETING, hating the Whos, 

Staring down from my OFFICE with a sour, Grinchy frown, 

At the warm lighted windows below in their town. 

For I knew every Who down in Whoville beneath, 

Was busy now, PLANNING  a rally and  feast.

“And they’re wearing their t-shirts!” I snarled with a sneer, 

“HONOR TEACHERS” was written in letters quite clear.

Then I growled, with my Grinch stomach nervously churning”

I MUST find some way to stop Teachers from earning!” 

I’ll distribute the money into every cranny and nook.

I’ll put some here and there and under a book.

“It doesn’t have to be fair” I said with no soula.

I won’t even give them their just and right COLA!

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We are Family

I’m looking forward to another great holiday with all of my children and their significant others, grandparents and friends.

So now, I’m trying to come up with some skits, music, or other creative shenanigans to document this year’s gathering. If anyone has a suggestion, material, or other ideas, please let me know.

By the way, this video has been seen over 3000 times! Who are these people! I hope they enjoyed it.

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Mushroom Man


It’s that season again, and although the going rate is not profitable, the mushroom man can’t resist a hike in the woods to uncover a burried treasure. Chanterelles are on the left, matustakes on the right.

“The Matsutake grow under trees and are usually concealed under fallen leaves and/or the duff layer. It forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of a limited number of tree species. In Japan it is most commonly associated with Japanese Red Pine. However in the Pacific Northwest it is found in coniferous forests made up of one or more of the following: Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Shasta Fir, Sugar Pine, Ponderosa Pine and Lodge Pole Pine. Further south, it is also associated with hardwoods, namely Tanoak and Madrone forests. The Pacific Northwest and other similar temperate regions along the Pacific Rim also hold great habitat producing these and other quality wild mushrooms.

  • C. subalbidus: In California and the Pacific Northwest of USA there is also the White chanterelle[2], which looks like the golden chanterelle except for its off-white color. It is more fragile and found in lesser numbers than the golden chanterelle, but can otherwise be treated as its yellow cousin.
  • C. formosus: The Pacific golden chanterelle (C. formosus) has recently been recognized as a separate species from the golden chanterelle. It forms a mycorrhizal association with the Douglas-fir and Sitka spruce forests of the Pacific Northwest. This chanterelle has been designated Oregon‘s state mushroom, due to its economic value and abundance.” (Wiki)

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Penafore 1941


My daughter and I made this penafore dress from a pattern dated 1941. The pattern itself was fascinating. There were no printed details on the tissue and each piece was already precisely cut out at the factory. A letter was punched out in the corner of each pattern piece for identification. We had to double check the directions for the seam allowence. We’re glad we did, because it was 1/2 inch, instead of today’s 5/8′s.

Today patterns are printed out on giant pieces of tissue, with various sizes overlapping. The styles and directions are fairly simple, probably designed more for the home hobbiest than the serious seamstress.

Another noticeable difference between this 66 year old pattern and today’s, is the button closures down the back. Modern styles usually have the zipper closure. That made us wonder about when the zipper was invented and when it was finally used in women’s fashion. The zipper,which dates back to the the mid-1800′s, with  various developments and improvements, finally made it’s way into the garment industry in the 1920′s and 30′s.

“The zipper slowly became popular for children’s clothing and men’s trousers in the 1920s and 1930s. In the early 1930s the haute couture designer Elsa Schiaparelli featured zippers in her avant-garde gowns, helping it to become acceptable in women’s clothing. In 1934, Tadao Yoshida founded a company called San-S Shokai in downtown Tokyo. Later, this company would change its name to YKK and become the world’s largest manufacturer of zippers and fastening products. By World War II, the zipper had become widely used in Europe and North America, and after the war quickly spread through the rest of the world.

Clergy in the 1920s and 1930s described zippers as allowing one to take one’s clothes off too quickly, thus hastening illicit sexual activity. Clothing with zippers was seen as inappropriate to be worn by women because of this fact, and was not fully adopted until the late 1950s.” (wiki)

So that might help to explain why we made seven buttonholes down the back and sewed on the seven recycled buttons in their proper places. A girl should be safe in this dress from sexual temptations!


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The T Day


Thank you for the wonderful food!

Thank you for the great company!

Thank you for the fun games!

I wish we had some left overs.


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Using the local turkeys

This was a promo we made a couple of years ago for a video competition website: It’s now known as  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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J. D. Redhouse & CO.


A diamond in the rough. Yes, this diamond is the new J. D. Redhouse Mercantile right in the middle of town. Can you believe that they totally remodeled what used to originally be a mercantile, then a J. C. Penney store, and not too long ago, The Country Mall?

Jon and Darlene Bixler, a young local couple, have done an exceptionally nice job with this gigantic venture. The mercantile carries a little of everything, from clothes and boots, to every pet and farm animal need, and then some. Would you believe coffees, pastries, Cowlick Ice Cream, chocolates and candies galore? Browse the merchandise, enjoy the local photography displayed on giant canvases, and relax with friends and family at one of the oak top tables. Sip a latte and check the web using the free wifi service.

Now the rest of the downtown, the “rough” part, needs to step up to the plate.

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Dandy Dining

Last night we ate at this fabulous restaurant in Healdsburg. We ate sumptious meals and were waited on as if we were royalty. At the end, when we were debating whether to share one dessert, the waiter arrived with three: peanut butter pie, a coffee ice cream drink, and nine mimi scoops of nine different homemade ice creams! Each of us left with a truffle, gift wrapped in a gold box with a brown ribbon. Decadence.

Dry Creek Kitchen

Dry Creek Kitchen focuses on great and simple foods highlighting Sonoma County’s fresh ingredients with an ever-changing menu of homegrown, seasonal delights. Incredible products from local purveyors such as CK Lamb and Liberty Duck, plus numerous artisan cheeses from Redwood Hills and Cowgirl Creamery, among others, are key to the restaurant’s success.

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Annual Thanksgiving Feast


We enjoyed our annual Thanksgiving Feast today. Our cafeteria staff was up until the wee hours of the morning getting the food prepared. Our students went by grade level to the cafeteria, where they sat with their classmates and shared a meal together. Many learning for the first time that you put your napkin in your lap, that you cut your meat with a knife, and that you ask politely for food to be passed to you. We ate salad, beans, tri-tip, rolls with butter, pasta, and cake for dessert.

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Queen for a Day!

queen_for_a_day.jpgI remember this old TV show my mother used to watch back in the 50″s. It was called Queen for a Day. It was actually one of the first reality shows. ……..more from wikipedia……..

“Jack Bailey hosted both the original radio show and the original daytime television version, first for NBC and then ABC. Using the classic “applause meter” as did many game or hit-parade style shows of the time, Queen for a Day contestants told why they would like the honour—and the twist of it was that the contestant had to talk publicly about the recent hard times she had been through.
It was something of an inverted Horatio Alger syndrome: instead of boy or girl making good, strictly speaking, the lure of Queen for a Day was woman making rock bottom (or close enough to it; the tearjerking factor was always part of the show’s appeal) in order to have a one-in-four chance at best of making good, or at least a little less burdened, for at least one day in her life. The more harsh the circumstances that led a contestant to want to appear, the likelier the studio audience was to ring the applause meter’s highest level. And, to the full accompaniment of the studio orchestra ringing out “Pomp and Circumstance”, the winner would be draped in a red velvet robe and a shimmering crown, and she would be festooned with a dozen long-stemmed roses, trips, a fully-paid night on the town with her husband or her escort, and other prizes. “Make every woman a queen, for every single day!” would be Bailey’s trademark signoff.”

I was QUEEN today. There was no red velvet robe, crown or roses. No night on the town, but $10,000 dollars to spend on IMACS and digital video cameras for my classroom, was plenty of prize for me. Hail to the grant writers and the agencies who disperse funds for programs. Someone must decide how to spend the money before it disapears back into the system. I am the Queen on just the right day and in just the right place.

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