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Happy New Year Dress!

I decided to use some brocade fabric that I’ve had around for over ten years. KayUnger for Vogue was the pattern that I used to make this holiday dress. It has interesting details on the sleeves and bodice. It is fully lined so it took some time to put it together, actually it took all day! I was able to finish just before my husband and I went to visit friends for a little get together and holiday cheer. It fits a little loose, so ideally I should take out the zipper and pinch it in a bit. However, since it’s a holiday dress, I probably won’t do that any time soon. I have had this beautiful blue brocade fabric for about 10 years or so. I used thrifted satin fabric for the lining, thrifted zipper and some vintage buttons that my mother-in-law Georgia gave me just a few days ago. A good year of sewing and now another year starts tomorrow. My resolution is to not buy any articles of clothing retail. It must be hand-made, or thrifted. Can I do it for a whole year!? I’m going to try! Happy New Year!

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