Fabric Printing and Dying


This is one of the pieces made by my teacher, Tari Kerss, a very talented textile artist. Here’s her website. TariKerss.com. It’s never too late to learn new things so off to school I go!  I know I will love the new skills and knowledge that Tari will be sharing with us. We will be exploring tie-dye, batik, and painting and printing of fabric using dyes and pigments. In our next class we will be using the following Shibori Folding Techniques: twist and coil, pleated diagonally, marbling, knots or Arashi, banding, folded square, binding with slip knots, and clamping. We’ll do each technique on a 12 x 12 in. square of cotton and use several dye colors. I can’t wait! I’ll post some pics of my completed samples when I finish. I’m looking forward to applying these new techniques in the designing of fabric for apparel. I probably can count this as my newly learned skill on the Monthly Stitch for January :)

Today we did the burn test on mystery fabrics and my partner and I identified 3 out of 4!

Who can name the four oldest fabrics in order?

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3 Responses to Fabric Printing and Dying

  1. Virginia says:

    Doing loads of samples on 12×12 squares sounds like a fun way to get pretty hankies. :-)


  2. That sounds quite exciting. I’d love to spend a few weeks doing just that again (I studied textiles in 4H many, many, many years ago….) Are you going to post some of the techniques and results here? Pretty please.

    4 oldest fabrics? I’d guess leather, wool, linen and hemp?


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