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Lavender Floral Shirt Dress


Retirement Celebration Dress

Mccall's 6696Fabric: 100% cotton from Beverly’s half off table (5.00 @ yd.) Lavender Floral Print
Pattern: McCalls 6696
Year: contemporary
Notions: thread, buttons
Time to complete: off and on for the last 3 weeks
First worn: May 23 for our Retirement Dinner hosted by our local school union!
Total price: $15.00 I have a teacher discount card that gives me an extra 15%. Will I still be eligible when I retire?

Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve been working on this special dress to wear to my husband’s  and my retirement. I’ve taught for almost 20 years, and then before that I worked as a teaching assistant for 10 years. I’m ready to move on to other more enjoyable activities such as traveling, gardening, sewing, reading, camping, cooking, walking, more sewing, blogging, and spending time with family and friends.


You can tell I’m a happy girl!

This was a great pattern to put together, I love the fit and the look. It’s so flattering. I’d also like to try the full skirt version. The reviews have been good on that one. It lays flat around the hips because the fullness is pleated. However, I really like the more fitted look and it takes less material.


The yellow centers of the flowers match my door.

We had a lovely time together with our dear friends and colleagues at the local steakhouse. My hubby has MC’d the program for many years and it was fun to see him up there telling jokes and being such an entertaining guy. We all toasted the seven retirees and shared what we would be doing during the next phase of our lives. I know I’ll be having a great time in the company of my husband and all of my daughters and granddaughters. A fellow retiree is now a new neighbor of mine, so we’ll have a lot in common.


I’ve already found a fellow sewer and quilter who is also retiring, and we’re starting a group! How cool is that? Although I will miss the kids and all of the fun technological know-how that I used at school and shared with colleagues, I won’t miss all the changes to the new Common Core Standards. I’m impressed and happy about the new changes, but I’m not up to doing all the work it takes to do it justice. I’ll let someone younger and with more energy have a go.


Thanks for visiting, liking, and commenting on my site.

Here’s to a summer vacation that won’t end in August. Oh, the possibilities!


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Summer Garden

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Update on the beds

Our littlevegie beds are thriving, especially after the two days of light rain. There are lots of birds singing in the budding oak trees and all of the rest of the trees, flowers and bushes are doing well!


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Sunny Day!

I sat outside and watched Leah and Alex transplant my cherry tomato plants. Leah also transplanted some sunflower seedlings. That’s probably the first time in her life that she has done that. I hope she’ll want to keep gardening with me. I need her, since I can’t really bend over right now.


nice photo by someone else.

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An Old Oak Tree Bites the Dust

A majestic old oak tree, looked OK on the outside, but on the inside it was hollow and filled with rain water. A possible danger to folks as they stroll through the Howard Memorial Garden, it was felled last weekend. We didn’t make it in time to see the old tree go down, but we arrived just after to take a few photos. The acreage across from the new hospital site is being landscaped with fruit trees and berry bushes. I understand that there will be walking trails and benches for the community someday in the future.

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The beds

We’ll be planting our seedlings in these raised beds in a few weeks. We’ve picked out two apples and a pear with 3 varieties to plant as soon as its dry enough. We’re a little concerned about how poorly the soil drains.

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Pretty Purple Flowers

The first flowers that I have planted in our yard have now emerged in all their exquisite beauty.


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The John Jevon’s Way

Master gardener, John Jevons, once had a demonstration garden here in Willits. He is know world wide for his gardening techniques and wisdoms.

ho_jevons2ho_jevons4These photos were taken several years ago for the SF Chronicle  by Amy Stewart.

On the left is a picture of John in the garden and on the right  is  a picture of tree kale. A friend of mine gave me a few starts so that I can grow my on tree kale. He says that you can’t find seeds for this plant.  I dutifully planted my starts today, as well as more lettuce. Alex has built two raised beds for the vegetable garden this summer, and we plan to plant several grapes, fruit trees and other edibles. I have a few climbing roses to plant too.

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Getting a head start.

I’ve been growing a few seeds in the window sills. I have some cherry tomatoes, basil, forget-me-nots and some gormet lettuce. Yesterday we measured for our raised beds. 

Pluse the daffodils I planted earlier are starting to come up!


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Basil and Forget-me-nots

Day 1 (sprouts are immerging)


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